Drugzzz (?)

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Mysterious fliers advertising the return of what initially appears to be the Delta Mu Tau Greek organization have appeared in Usdan, but closer inspection reveals that no such sorority or fraternity exists. One possible explanation of the acronym is that DMT, a psychedelic drug first synthesized in Canada of all places, is on campus and available for purchase. While details remain unconfirmed, this blogger can assure you the fliers bear the mark of Satan. Questions to explore going forward include:

  • Have meddlesome reefer youths soiled the hallowed halls of Old Meth with their witch potions and demon rum?
  • Is Delta Mu merely a ploy by the Inter-Greek Council of warlocks and Satan-worshippers to maintain their reign of terror?
  • Why post in Usdan? Who even goes there anymore?
  • Where can I get a connect?
  • Illuminati???????

Updates to follow.

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10 thoughts on “Drugzzz (?)

  1. 5HT


  2. 5HT

    Directionally Multifaceted Transformation
    Diligent Magnanimous Technology
    Dextrous Meticulous Terrorizers

  3. The Lord Protector

    On another important note. Delta Mu Tau does not recognize the authority of: the WSA, President Roth, Vice-President of Finances John Meertz, and that of the administration Likewise we are strongly against the appointment of Scott Robde to the Dictatorship of Public Safety since it is an infringement of our rights as students. After all since many of us pay for full tuition or part tuition shouldn’t we have the right to chose who is going to be in charge of our safety. In other words NO INSTALLATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Thus we hereby call upon all of our members, and the members of the Commonwealth of Wesleyan, to rise up and create a legitimate body of power. We hereby call for the creation of a Wesleyan Parliament where President Roth, his cabinet, and all elected students would meet to discuss and solve the University’s finances, labor relations, lack of diversity, the destructive power of the frats and their male dominated/mas-agonist culture,the lack of need blind administrations, the student debt crisis , and the lack of support for poor students and students of color. The Parliament is the only body that would have legitimate power, it will be a useful tool to limit the powers of the administration and the board of trustees. Limited Presidentship and the right of the Wesleyan Parliament to pass legislation and vote on taxation are our major demands as Delta Mu Tau members. However, in order for it to be functional, horizontal, and transparent (values that Delta Mu Tau sponsors), appointments to the Wesleyan Parliament are to be one semester. A previously elected member of parliament may not apply for re-election until 1 semester has passed after the end of their last term. Likewise poor students and students of color would be most encouraged to be elected so that their voices can be heard and so that their actions can come into effect. This is mainly because we believe that these two groups are among the most dis-empowered on campus and their voices have been erased in the past. Some have even dropped out because of the lack financial and institutional support. Thus I hereby call for the dissolution of the Wesleyan Student Assembly for its inefficiency and call for elections for the first Wesleyan Parliament.

    Let us put President Roth, John Meertz, the Board of Trustees, and the rest Administration on trail for the infringement of our rights as students and citizens of the Commonwealth of Wesleyan and for their lack of transparency! NO INSTALLATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!


    The Lord Protector
    Founder of Delta Mu Tau and Sponsor of the Wesleyan Parliament

  4. The Lord Protector

    Delta Mu Tau is the frat to end all frats. We are an underground movement that seeks to enlighten all students about the absurdity that exists on campus. Delta Mu Tau is the future of dissent and counterculture at Wesleyan. Delta Mu Tau hereby declares itself an open inclusive society for those who are dissatisfied with the hypocrisies of the Administration, the frats, and the students. Also, we have emerged due to the dire necessity to restore Wesleyan’s former weirdness given the growing militarization, and corporatization of the university. Likewise we seek to challenge the growing neglect of our campus on the hands of the greedy administrators who simply want to make money. We seek to not only be inclusive of all students, unlike the frats on campus, but also promote intellectual discourses on resistance towards the establishment. Delta Mu Tau is back and we are here to stay.

    “Look around you, don’t just sit back, observe the absurdity that surrounds you and make fun of it. Once you make fun of something so absurd then it loses its authority.”


    The Lord Protector

      1. The Lord Protector

        Delta Mu Tau is an underground movement. As long as you dissent the establishment in any way you feel comfortable and safe you will be considered part of out movement. If you believe in equality for all citizens of the Commonwealth of Wesleyan you will be considered part of the movement. We are merely a face to the growing dissatisfaction and frustration that many citizens of the Commonwealth feel towards the administration. If you join you will be part of the resistance.


        The Lord Protector
        Founder of Delta Mu Tau and Sponsor of the Wesleyan Parliament

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