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From David Stouck ’15:

Hey! Did you know that Wesleyan will be opening it’s first student-run recording studio this year? Red Feather Studios will be Wesleyan’s premier location for writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering the music of all the incredible student bands on campus. We are looking for experienced Audio Engineers and Musicians to record alongside the ever-growing list of talented singers and rappers in our community.

In return for volunteering three hours of your time each week to working alongside student-artists in the studio, audio engineers and musicians will be granted free time in the studio space to record and produce their own music.

If you would like to audition for one of the Audio Engineer or In-House band member positions, please send an email to dstouck(at)sesleyan(dot)edu with the Header “Red Feather Studios – (Your Full Name),” and include a short description of your musical background, which position you are applying for, and your contact information. Auditions and tutorials will be held periodically throughout the semester, and recording sessions will be open to the student body as soon as we fill our staff.

Deadline: Whenever (but preferably sometime soon)
Contact: dstouck(at)sesleyan(dot)edu

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