Tutor Kids at Woodrow Wilson

3164_91999960742_6161013_nI heard that Noam Sandweiss-Back ’15 peaked in middle school:

Let’s be real, middle school kind of sucks. The Woodrow Wilson  Tutoring Partnership is looking for new tutors who know what we’re talking about. Get close to two awesome middle schoolers in a mentoring/tutoring role and provide some support in your favorite subjects. Its just four hours a week and hellz yeah, it qualifies for work study. 

Interested? Hit us up at wwmstutor[at]gmail[dot]com or nsandweissba[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and come to our info. session, 3 PM on Saturday, Usdan 110 (or visit our table at the Club Fair tomorrow afternoon).

Date: Saturday, September 13
Time: 3PM
Place: Usdan 110

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