Fish Friends

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Yesterday a new fish friend, Maurice Pacman Lee, moved into our apartment. The UCAB event, Fish are Friends Not Food, outfitted a few hundred students with gold fish complete with plastic tanks, plants and multicolored gravel. Unfortunately I have heard multiple stories of fish already reaching the end of their short lives. I felt pretty sad standing in line for the fish, knowing so many of them would be shortly flushed down the toilet, bright plastic tanks thrown into the trash.  Still, these goldfish would surely reach the same fate no matter who took them home and the event was a fun way to outfit students with a fun, dare I say, decoration for their rooms.  What will people do when they run out of the tiny bag of fish food we were provided? Can goldfish really eat spinach like the internet says?

Tell us about your fish in the comments below. What did you name it? Did ze survive the night? How do you feel about this event?

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