Unitarian Universalist Brunch!

uu-chalice-stained-glass-windowFrom Ben Zucker ’15:

Q: Why did the Unitarian Universalist cross the road?

A: To support the chicken in its free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

If you’re Unitarian Universalist, interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism, or just want to hang out with fun UUs, come have brunch with us (pasta and vegetables from First & Last Tavern)!

We’ll give an overview of this non-creedal religion, have some introductions and a check-in, and best of all enjoy the wonderfully comfortable library of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. All are welcome.

Date: Sunday, September 14
Time: 12-1:30 PM
Place: Office Of Religious & Spiritual Life (169 High St)

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