Asian American Student Collective: First Meeting

10694421_10204409578217898_3822525391456323996_oVia Harim Jung ’16:

Come join the Asian American Student Collective (AASC) in our first collective meeting!

If you’re identify as Asian American, or are just interested in Asian America, join AASC! AASC creates a space in which we can discuss and tackle issues facing Asian America and/or issues facing Asian Americans on campus, through discussions, speakers, and panels. We also work with other student of color groups on campus in building coalitions to advance the needs of our communities.

In our first meeting on Tuesday, we’re going to talk about what’s on deck for this upcoming year, what members of the collective want to do, as well as introductions and such to get to know one another.

Date: Tuesday, September 16th
Time: 7PM
Place: 41 Wyllys 115
Link: Facebook

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