The New Pi Cafe Logo Sort of Looks Like a Uterus

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False icon courtesy of Maya McDonnell ’16.

The black sheep of Exley Science Center has a new t-shirt logo, and its vaguely uterine appearance has once and for all marked Pi Cafe as the depraved den of iniquity we all suspected it was. While the abstract illustration supports multiple interpretations, only a fool could miss the undeniably sapphic message conveyed by its devious design. “Purity?” “Flavor??” Surely these presumptuous claims are the work of Satan, as all women other than the blessed virgin and my mom are born in sin. Which brings us once again to the question plaguing our generation: what are they teaching our kids in these schools? Will the Academy’s liberal mystifications never cease??

Befuddled patrons of the cafe weigh in after the jump. Only time will tell whether Pi’s insidious efforts to convert Middletown’s youth to its misandrist agenda will prove successful.

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Anna Bisikalo ’17I think it looks like a religious association that’s trying to be fun and cool and hip with the kids. Also possibly a coffee bean. Or a baby.









photo 2Evan Thorne ’15I’d say a coffee company.
Alexis Best ’15I can definitely see like…angel basketball.







photo 4Emilie Pass ’15An angel holding a coffee bean that’s also an angel.
Matt Hixon ’15It could also be a pregnant woman. Is that a woman?
EPIt could go either way. I think it’s pretty androgynous. Maybe she’s pregnant with a coffee bean.





Althea Schenck ’17An angel with its hands on its hips.
Maria Gonzalez ’17: A coconut.
Anne Cooperstone ’17: With like a football.
Becca Wagman ’17It looks like a coffee bean. But with a halo on it.
MGIt could be the modern Starbucks symbol.
BWIt’s the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus…It also looks like an Olympic gold medalist.
ACUm what is this for?

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