Preludes in Sculpture


From Sean Winnik GRAD:

Since January of this year, Sean Winnik (’14) has been creating and recording The Preludes in Sculpture, a collection of sculptures with associated sound files chronicling their creation. They will be displayed in a gallery-style showing in Earth House on September 19th opening at noon. This is part of Sean’s goal of engaging the Wesleyan students in avant-garde performance and art outside of overly academic settings.

“I believe that there are creators of avant-garde art and people who wish to intake the avant-garde at Wesleyan, but a consistent venue where these two population can meet doesn’t really exist, or at least is hard to find. I want to change that.”

Sept 19 noon: Opening
Sept 19 7pm: Poetry
Kate Gibbel
Cherkira Lashley
Nick Martino
Jaime de VeneciaSept 20 3pm: Performance of “Bottle Nose” by Sean Winnik
Sept 20 4pm: Little Show
Cal Hickox
Ben Zucker
Matt Chilton
Kate Weiner
Sept 21 7pm: Closing

Start date: Friday, Sept 19
Time: 12 PM
Place: Earth House

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