Wild Walls


Are you curious about those wildly charming succulent walls hanging out around WesShop? Are you the succulent bandit that swiped one of those little guys right out of the wall? Are you at all interested in being part of the green wall movement at Wes?

Wild Walls, brought to you by the Wild Walls team and the brain of Kate Weiner ’15, are on a mission to share the joys of green walling with the Wesleyan community. The succulent wall is just the bud of what will become a series of “pilot” vertical pallet gardens to encourage Wesleyan to adopt green walling. During the month of September we will be building more wild walls of herbs and flowers for all to appreciate. Whether you are excited about building a pallet garden, learning about urban agriculture, or contributing to sustainability on campus, any help is much appreciated. Email kweiner[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you are interested in joining the movement.

Until then, enjoy the walls and give them your loving. Eyes peeled for succulent bandits.

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