Apply for the Committee for Investor Responsibility!

From Angus McLean ’16:

Are you interested in corporate, social, environmental, or governance issues? The balance of moral values with fiscal stability? Apply to get experience and hands-on involvement as a student representative of the Committee for Investor Responsibility (CIR).

The CIR is a student, faculty, staff, and alumni committee that has the power to engage in shareholder advocacy on behalf of the University. This includes activities such as proxy voting, advising the University on community investment, pushing for endowment transparency, and filing shareholder resolutions.

The CIR’s recent work and charter can be viewed on our website. Members’ duties include attending bimonthly to weekly meetings, and independent responsibilities, such researching banks and institutions, researching background on shareholder resolutions, and drafting resolutions to bring to the Board of Trustees. Please visit the website and familiarize yourself with what we do before applying.

To apply, submit one to two paragraphs, explaining why you’d like to be on the committee and what relevant skills you have, to xli03[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by Sunday, September 28th midnight. Top candidates will be contacted for interview.

Duedate: Sunday, September 28th
Time: Midnight

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