Farmer Buddies!

From Rachel Sobelsohn ’17:

Ever wanted to come to Long Lane Organic Farm but don’t know the first thing about farming? Or can’t make the Saturday 10am-2pm workday? Want to volunteer or fill your work-study hours on Long Lane but haven’t worked there before?Long Lane now has a BUDDY SYSTEM!! Experienced farmers want to farm with YOU!!!

Attached is a table of when these wonderful farmers are available. Please email your farmer of choice if you’re interested. ;) Feel free to show up at the farm (281 Long Lane) at any of the times the farmers listed! Also, all people are welcome to come to farm meetings SUNDAYS in ALLBRITTON 304 at 5PM.

If you’re interested in doing work-study at Long Lane, email rlevin(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. Depending on the level of interest and hours available, there may be a position for you!

Date: Sundays (Today, September 21st, 2014)
Time: 5PM
Place: Allbritton, Rm. 304

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