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Now that we’re a couple of weeks into school, you’ve probably already gotten your first big paper assignment, and are anxiously awaiting the all too soon arrival of your parents this weekend– now it’s time to start thinking about your plans for the summer. Or more importantly, if you’re a senior, your plans for the rest of your life. You can compare this to the yearly phenomenon of department stores selling Halloween decorations after Labor Day, or how Christmas season takes over right after Thanksgiving.  During a mandatory senior meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were encouraged to donate to the annual senior gift, since graduation is “right around the corner”.

To help us on this journey to employment, the career center has upgraded from MyCC to CareerDrive. In addition to MyCC’s history of taking advantage of student data, they actually went bankrupt right after Wesleyan decided to part ways (go figure). Not only does the new platform  provide us with features in several key areas where MyCC was severely lacking, but it’s release has also been paired with a series of workshops called Driver’s Ed. and a job search boot camp called Accelerate, both created to aid us on our #drive to success. [insert witty comment]. To understand CareerDrive better, I sat down with Rachel Munafo, the Assistant Director of Public Relations and Communications, who was able to help me discover some key features worth pointing out.

1.)  Job Postings
It may be obvious, but one of the most important functions of CareerDrive is to keep an updated list of job and internship postings. It’s important to note that the career center has a relationship with each company whose opportunity is posted, which gives Wesleyan students a competitive edge. Cardinal Internships in particular are posted thanks to an alumni, parent or friend of Wesleyan who is directly involved (in some form) with the hiring process. Unlike MyCC, when CareerDrive prevents you from applying to a given opportunity, it will let you know what aspect of your application is missing (lack of cover letter/resume…etc). This sounds like it should have been an obvious function in any application platform, but it wasn’t, and clearly lead to MyCC’s demise. It could be hard at times to keep track of all of the opportunities you might be interested in, which is why you can add positions to your “favorites” list. You can also create an alert that will notify you when a job you might be interested in is posted.

2.)  Social Media & Mobile Integration
You can link your CareerDrive profile with both LinkedIn and Facebook in order to see any connections you may have at any company of interest. This integration won’t allow CareerDrive to post on your behalf, nor will it make your profiles available for employers to see unless you would like them to. There’s also an opt-in option to receive text messages and/or Google Calendar reminders about appointments and events that you have registered for on the website.

3.) Online Resume Approval
In order to apply for opportunities listed by the career center, you have to have your resume approved by a staff member. If you don’t have time to stop by during office hours, you can submit your resume online where it is automatically sent to career counselors to review. You will then be notified of any reviews/edits that need to be made until it can officially be approved and your CareerDrive profile becomes active.

4.)  Easily Track Career Center Involvement/Activity
Can’t remember who the speaker was for that company coffee chat last week? The “View Activities” tab allows you to keep track of all your career developments in one place. This also includes managing your application, interview schedules, in addition to keeping track of the past events.

5.)  Employer Directory
In order to help students get a sense of potential employers who we can expect on campus in the future, the career center has an extensive record of all of the employers who have recruited at Wesleyan since 2006.

6.) Fellowships/grants Page
As it stands there are multiple websites that one must visit in order to gain the full scope of the grants and fellowships that are available to Wesleyan students. The goal of this page is to create a single resource for both internal and external opportunities.   

 Some Additional Advice: You don’t need  to have a reason to go to the Career Center.  It’s full of extremely knowledgeable people  who really want to help. Whether it’s giving  you a mock interview, helping you craft an  important email, or even guiding you to  figure out what kind of career you might want  to pursue. It’s all about giving you the tools to  prepare you for the future.

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