Wesleyan Football Faces Hamilton On Saturday

In my dad’s email to me about Parent’s Weekend activities, he mentioned that he definitely wanted to catch part of the football game at 1 PM on Saturday. I imagine that many students are in this position this weekend so, for those of you who are less up-to-date with the Wesleyan Cardinals, here’s a brief cheat sheet of what to talk about on the bleachers.

For starters, watch this highlight reel of Wesleyan’s win against Hamilton in 2012 (we also beat them last year, but alas, no catchy highlight reel). The kids over at WesPregame made this pretty impressive video and they also produce a lot of content related to the Athletics department, if you’re interested in watching athletic feats instead of doing your homework.

Wesleyan University Football won the Little Three title outright last year—which means they beat both Amherst and Williams. The win was made even sweeter by the fact that Wesleyan had not won the Little Three title in 43 years. Which is a really long time, especially when you consider the brevity of  institutional memory. In addition to this very exciting Little Three win, Wesleyan also shared the NESCAC title with Middlebury (whom we didn’t face) and Amherst (whom we defeated) because they all had 7-1 records.

So, the hope this season is that Wesleyan will continue its strong record, and maybe even go 8-0. The first game against Middlebury was a success, with a 22-14 win up in Vermont. Two touchdowns were scored by Jay Fabien ’15 and Jon Day ’15 that were thrown by Jesse Warren ’15. The other incredibly impressive TD was initially an interception by Justin Sanchez ’16, who went on to score the third touchdown from that interception. The final 3-point edge was a field goal, kicked by Ike Fuchs ’17.

So, as we head into Saturday, get your cardinal suits steamed and bone up on your Wesleyan Fight Song harmonizing. And remember to tweet all of the funny things your Non-Athlete-Real-People-friends say during the game @wesleying.

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