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From Sasha Stahl ’17:

It feels really good when people say something you can relate to or connect with. People at Wesleyan have varied, unique identities that cover a breadth of experiences, opinions, and attitudes that can both allow us to understand where our peers are coming from or conversely, not quite relate to one another.

To that end, what I want to CREATE is a brief, bimonthly NEWSLETTER that allows people to relate to one another, through a sharing of personal anecdotes, a section highlighting a Wesleyan student of the week who has focused on their identity in some way, and an “overheard this week” section, among others. Simultaneously I want people to feel EMPOWERED and COMFORTED by the knowledge that people on campus experience similar feelings, frustrations, and feats as they do. I want this newsletter to help people on campus realize the different identities and experiences that make up this campus, while also creating a dialogue to speak about these differences.

This is a newsletter about different experiences- hoping to represent individuals of different gender identities & expressions, races, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, etc. To that end, it is crucial that the staff/writers can speak from different voices and perspectives!

If this sounds at all INTERESTING TO YOU, come to the first interest meeting THIS MONDAY (9/29) AT 9PM IN 114 WYLLYS. I would love to hear ideas/opinions/ thoughts on this (even if you think it’s total bullshit!) and get some people to make up the CORE STAFF/ CONTRIBUTING WRITERS. ARTISTS, WRITERS, THINKERS, FEELERS AND OPINIONATED PEOPLE ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME! Doesn’t hurt to check it out! THANKS so much!

In solidarity,

Date: Monday, September 29
Time: 9-10 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, room 114

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