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From the wacky and silly Rachel Day ’16:

Across time and culture, storytelling and oral tradition are an indelible element of humankind. Connect with your primordial self and tell a story at The Sloth’s first event of the year!

The Sloth (based loosely off the group that wouldn’t let us use their name) provides a time and place where individuals can come together to share true stories from their life. We laugh, we cry, it’s all very cathartic.

The theme of the night will be IN THE DEEP END
Feel free to interpret the theme any way you’d like – for example, if the theme was Stealing/Stolen you could write about the piece of candy you stole from a drugstore when you were 5, or when your best friend who stole your heart, or the time when you plagiarized an essay and got in big trouble .

If you’d like to tell a story at The Sloth, please email wesloth[at]gmail[dot]com with a 3 sentence (ish) pitch of your story byWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 at midnight. Stories should aim to be about 8 minutes long, give or take.

There is room for 10 STORYTELLERS to tell their stories THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 in the WESTCO CAFE. Whether you tell a story or not, come out to the event and remind yourself of the importance of never judging your peers – you never know what they’ve gone through, but you might find out a little at The Sloth!
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