The Worm Queen

10662112_10205145052053025_7362690081726068077_oFrom Will McGhee ’17:

Join Second Stage’s first show of the season with The Worm Queen, an original dramedy!

Worm Queen takes place in a world where earthworms have become sentient and have enslaved humanity. A lone, dysfunctional family has survived the apocalypse by hiding away on an island. But the peace is fragile. With the eldest daughter prophesied to save the world and agents of the worms on their doorstep, nothing is as it seems.

Performances dates are October 2-4 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 8pm in the ’92. Tickets are free and can be picked up at the box office the day of. See the Facebook event for more info.

Dates: October 2-4 (Thursday through Saturday)
Time: 8-10 PM
Place: ’92 Theater

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