A Multi-Generational Look at Wesleyan

This Wesleying reporter took a walk over to the Legacy photo last Saturday during Parents Weekend to talk to those who have experienced Wesleyan from a multi-generational standpoint. The excerpts of conversations about memorable moments, strange coincidences, and weird Wesleyan are below.


Amena Ali ’85 and Sonya Bessalel ’18

Most Memorable Wesleyan Moment:

Amena: I lived in a senior house on…what’s that street called?

Sonya: Fountain

Amena: Yes, I lived in a senior house on Fountain with five people. The world has gotten so much faster since I went here. The fun we had during senior week is like the fun you guys have each weekend. Since I went here the school has become so much more!


Carey Dimnitt ’84 and Sarah Dobrow ’18 (and shout out to Marty Dobrow ’83 who is not in the picture)

Weirdest Wesleyan Coincidence: 

Carey: She lives in my old dorm room!

Sarah: I live in WestCo up 4, which is where she used to live.

Carey: 34 years later and the room looks the same.


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David Robinson ’87, Jane Metz Robinson ’87, and Courtney Robinson ’18

Most Memorable Wesleyan Moment:

David: Senior year we lived off campus on Brainerd. We had just beaten Trinity in football and had a big party, and I think it was the only thing going on around campus. We lived in a 5 person house and we had 300 people there. Five people ended up getting arrested by the Middletown Police. It turns out that even the President, Colin Campbell, knew about it because on Monday I ran into him and he said “Notorious weekend, huh, Dave?”

Jane: The first place he kissed me was behind Sci Li. He brought me back to campus saying there was some alumni thing going on, and walked me behind Sci Li, which I thought was weird, because what would be going on behind Sci Li? But then he proposed!



Henrik Dohlman ’82 and Anders Dohlman ’15

Weirdest Wesleyan Moment:

Anders: Probably streakers at the common moment at orientation.

Henrik: In 1980 Ted Kennedy was running for president, and he was here during the 1980 parents weekend because he had a kid who went here. So I was walking down High Street when a big black car pulls up wanting directions to the President’s house. The guy rolls down his window, and I ask, “Are you with Ted Kennedy?”

He says, “I’m not allowed to say…but how did you know?”

He offered to give me a ride, and I learned he was a member of the Secret Service. By the way, Ted Kennedy didn’t win.


Jaqui King ’87 and Caleb King ’17

Most Memorable Wesleyan Moment:

Jaqui: My most distinctive memory is when we had Louis Farrakhan come to campus to speak in 1985.

Caleb: My best memory so far has probably been the the silent rave.

Jaqui: Actually, my weirdest Wesleyan memory was seeing my son attend the silent rave and Holi!

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