Zero Waste Challenge!

Do you describe yourself as a transparent person? Do you get annoyed when you see recyclable items in the trash? Well if so, Rebecca “bb” Sokol ’15 challenges you to put all of your non-recyclable trash in a plastic bag for one week. (And if, like me, your first thought was “used tampons, too?” I think her answer would be, “no biohazards/get a diva cup.”)

Where does our trash go when you throw it away? How much trash are you generating per week?
The Zero Waste Challenge is easy – you collect everything you don’t recycle or compost in a clear, ziploc bag that we will provide, and you pin it to your backpack for the week. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about waste and your own habits, and how it alters your decision-making when your trash is physically connected to you! Try it, even if only for part of the week!
How to participate: pick up your bag and safety pin from the Climate Ambassadors table in Usdan on Monday, October 6th from 11am-1pm.  If you live in WestCo, Clark, 200 Church, or Butts A or C, pick one up from your Eco Facilitator!
How it works:
Any waste you don’t recycle, compost, or otherwise purposefully divert from the trash goes in the bag.
No biohazards in the bag.
The bag should be attached to the outside of your backpack at all times, until the Challenge ends on Oct. 11. When it ends, look for specially-marked boxes/areas in Usdan to deposit your bag, so we can create a visual depiction of everyone’s consumption and waste throughout the week.
Start Date: 10/05/2014
End Date: 10/11/2014
Pick Up for Plastic Bag:
Time: 11am-1pm
Date: Monday 10/6
Place: Usdan
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