Cheese-Making Club: Info Meeting

Via Dara Mysliwiec ’16:

WesCream wants to make your wildest cheese (making) dreams come true.

We’re a new student group that wants to spread the knowledge of how to make cheese on your own, which is totally, totally possible and not actually as hard as you think it is. We will also be making yogurt, creams, and hopefully some vegan cheeses too. Come join us at Outhouse this Sunday to learn about the basics of making cheese, and to have a conversation about what we want to do this semester as a group, because anything is possible (except Parmesan and Swiss, sorry).

If you can’t make it to the meeting but love cheese and think you’d want to help with some homemade cheese, you can email damysliwiec[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and she will hook. you. up.

(WesCream is NOT the Cheese Co-op, which is really great and whose cheese game is on-point.)

Date: Sunday, October 5
Time: 2-3 PM
Place: Outhouse

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