Do It in the Dark 2014

From the Sustainability interns, kicking off Wesleyan’s sexiest energy saving effort:

Do It In The Dark is Wesleyan’s annual energy-saving competition. For the first time ever, Do It In the Dark is going campus-wide. From October 12 to November 25, we’re encouraging students in all residences to cut back energy usage. Every dollar saved in reduced energy usage will be donated to Wesleyan Financial Aid. In order to track energy reductions throughout the competition, we will be using an app called Joulebug (which can be downloaded on the App store and the Android store on either your phone or computer). JouleBug allows you to “buzz” every time you perform a sustainable action, earning points. The points will be tracked to determine which residence is being the most sustainable (earning you a prize!).

The app is sorted into teams. Dorms, HiRise, LoRise, and Program Houses will be competing in one group, and Woodframes and Apartments will be competing in another group. When you sign up, look for your team and join!

Even if you can’t download the app, still participate. A grand prize at the end is awarded to the residence with the most actual energy reduction (which we track through the utility bill in the winter!).

Every two weeks, there will be a new challenge. For the first two weeks, we’re focusing on laptops and electricity usage! Here are some tips:

  • Turn your lights off every time you leave your room!
  • Shut down your computer rather than putting it to sleep!
  • Unplug your computer once it is fully charged, and unplug your charger if you’re not using it.

Record your reductions on JouleBug! You might win!

For this week’s challenge, buzz the “Quittin’ Time” pin. To find this pin, select the middle button on the bottom of the screen, scroll to the right to “Energy,” and scroll down the page to “Quittin’ Time.”

To find your team on Joulebug, you must have location services on for the app. Then open the app and click on the “Challenge” option at the bottom of the screen. Group 1 includes Dorms, HiRise, LoRise, and Program Houses. Group 2 includes Woodframes and Apartments. Click on “Join Challenge.” Scroll down the list to find your team!


Don’t forget that every dollar earned from energy reductions goes towards financial aid! 

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