The Fall 2014 Study Abrog Collection

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Around a week ago, I sent out an SOS for study abroad blogs (read: abrogs) from the hundreds of students hanging out overseas this semester. This week, there are five awesome submissions to distract you from studying for your midterms. Click at your own risk, because I can’t promise you’ll emerge from the abrog vortex any time soon. Also, if you’re a Wesleyan student overseas and you haven’t sent us your abrog yet, we still want it! Email us (staff[at]wesleying[dot]org) with the subject line “ABROAD BLOG”!


John LaZebnik ’16 – This rad blogger (also known as johnnyappleswede) is expertly tossing up puns from Sweden (you couldn’t guess from his blog’s name?). He says that his goal is to make his blog the kind you read without falling asleep, so he’s made a habit of throwing in references to children’s movies and other cool entertaining stuff on every post. Here’s a photo of Johnny and a sphinx.

Sandi Cervera ’16 – This blog comes to us from Paris and chronicles the nomadic life of Sandi Cervera’s sock… Sox. (With a silent “x.”) Sox has enjoyed wine with friends, a foreign literotica bookstore, and train rides in which she is given a seat to herself. Sox has already been to Bordeaux and Munich, but Sandi wants to remind us that Sox is going to be visiting a slew of other places that will be exclusively documented on Sandi’s blog. Here’s a super cool photo of Sox at a beach living the good life.


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Nicole Ruiz ’16 – Nicole’s photo blog shows us her adventures at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Most recently, Nicole was on Fraser Island exploring sand dunes and rain forests. I’m not saying there are pictures of kangaroos on this abrog, but there are probably pictures of kangaroos on this abrog. Here’s Nicole and some other dudes atop a sand dune.

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Tessa Bellone ’16 – Tessa, like Nicole, is studying at the University of Queesnland in Brisbane, Australia — and she’s been keeping a photo abrog too! Follow her flickr for some absolutely stunning photos. Believe me, you’ll look at her flickr once and wish you could drop everything and go to an Australian beach. There’s a ton of great photos of all sorts of creatures on Tessa’s blog; here’s a little preview.



Abby Gruppuso ’16 – Abby’s blog is all about her time studying abroad in China, and she posts to it nearly every day! Abby writes about how different China is from the Wesleyan bubble we’ve all come to know and love. Also, did you know that China doesn’t have sarcasm? Because apparently it doesn’t. Here’s a photo of Abby in front of a building.

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