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Ensemble Dedalus: COUNTING TO SEVEN

From Jason Brogan MA ’15:

The Experimental Music Group presents Counting to Seven, a new large scale work written by Tom Johnson for Ensemble Dedalus (France). Seven voices count to seven in about 30 different languages from all over the world. Each piece explores a way of counting as well as a language sonority giving birth to a new musical form. From Okinawa (dialect from Japan) whispering words to Malinke (Africa) rhythmic patterns with additional small percussions, each continent is represented. Counting to Seven receives support from the French Institute, French Government (DRAC), Région Languedoc-Roussillon and SPEDIDAM. Professor Neely Bruce will offer an introduction to the music of Tom Johnson.

Date: Today
Time: 8:00 – 10:00 PM
Place: CFA Hall
Cost: Free

Elect Her–Campus Women Win Invitation

Leslie KnopeAre you shocked and appalled by the lack of female representation in political office? Want to be a super badass female politician one day?! Sadasia McCutchen ’17 invites you to apply to an incredibly awesome event geared toward people like you:

On November 1st, 2014, Connecticut College is hosting Elect Her-Campus
Women Win, a national program to encourage and train college women to
run for student government and political office. During this one-day,
4-hour training participants will practice hands-on campaign skills,
hear from inspiring speakers such as Mayor of Norwich, Deborah Hinchey
and communications expert, Deborah MacDonnell, and discuss research on
women in government. The skills learned in this workshop, like
networking and building an elevator speech, will transfer to many
leadership roles, not just student government.

Call for Submissions To [That Untitled Project]

tumblr_nd7geb9FzA1u12cx2o6_1280From Cade Leebron ’14:

This is a call for submissions to an online anthology/”capsule collection” of writing and art on the topics of gender, sexuality, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence. Please submit nonfiction, poetry, and any art. Submissions close on November 14th.

More info at Questions? Email thatuntitledproject[at]gmail[dot]com (at least the namelessness is really consistent…) (at some point, there will be a name).

Submission Deadline: November 14th at midnight

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