New Haven Band Shouts Out to “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed”


Put this in the “odds and ends” column: The name of the band is Sorority Noise. The song is “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed.”

And yes, you should absolutely listen to it. No, they’re not a Wesleyan student group, but a punk band that went to the University of Hartford; they released an album called Forgettable on Bandcamp this past May. The song itself is actually hella catchy, a fuzzy-guitar-based tune (check the rocking solo near the end) with eager drums and lo-fi vocals, and it should be dropping officially on Bad Timing Records on November 4th as part of a split EP with Boston band Somos, as per Stereogum. That website also says the song “sounds a lot like the buttoned-up, anxious students that might attend the titular university.”

I reached out to Sorority Noise’s guitarist/vocalist Cameron Boucher for a quick explanation about the origins of the band and what inspired “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed.”

We started playing in September of 2013, a little over a year ago, and we were sitting at the drummer and bassist’s house thinking about a name. There was a house for sale next door and we were speculating who might move in. Someone mentioned if a sorority moved in it’d probably be pretty loud, lots of “sorority noise”, and that was it!

The song speaks about a relationship I was involved in around late 2013 and one of my fondest memories of it was walking around the Wesleyan campus late one night and being looked at weirdly by everyone there because we looked different and out of place, which was hilarious, so I decided to name the song after that concept, that we were the best dressed people there.

Listen to the song, enjoy, and hope they stop by campus for a show sometime. No promises they won’t be out-dressed, though.

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