Cookies for a Cure

Gavriella Wolf ’15 writes in:

Like boobs? Like supporting a good cause and keeping boobs around the world healthy and cancer free? Relay For Life of Wesleyan University is selling boob cookies in Usdan this week for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Come by our table at lunchtime and buy a delicious cookie that happens to look like a boob for only a dollar each.

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Date: Thursday, October 23 & Friday, October 24
Time: 11 AM-1 PM
Place: Usdan
Cost: $1 per cookie

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2 thoughts on “Cookies for a Cure

  1. Be Considerate

    Yeah. It’s not about saving the breasts, it’s about saving the person. Also, not everyone who has breast cancer have “tatas” or are female. So yeah, shitty choice of cookies.

  2. Guest

    Wow hey, the cookies in the pic that you’ve chosen to use are actually kinda very shitty. In that “save the tatas” v much prioritizes boobs > actual women. Ditto with “don’t let cancer steal 2nd base”. Like, it’s not actually the tits that are important.

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