CypherLeague: Culture is Yours to Create – D.i.Y. Workshop

0000969693_10From David Stouck ’15:

What is Cypherleague?
Cypher League is a multi-platform cooperative that facilitates artistic collaboration among the creative, independent, and inquisitive. We are plugged into the most diverse artistic community there is, the hip hop community. In our opinion, Hip Hop is the most advanced form of artistic self-expression. That’s because it is not a single form of self-expression, but rather an eclectic mash-up of many. Based in Brooklyn, NY, our team will be coming to Wesleyan’s campus this week to participate in the R.A.W. Cypher, share our thoughts on founding an independent artistic collective at our D.i.Y. workshop, and perform at Earth House on Friday night!
The Workshop:
Through dissection of culture and society as we experience it, Cypher League’s D.i.Y. Workshop provides students with insight into the topics and ideas relevant to young entrepreneurs and independent artists. While most people our age rely on media outlets founded generations ago; Cypher League is a publication of the times, staffed with nothing but fresh perspectives. Our editors, web designers, artists, managers and photographers will be running a series of tight-knit group discussions on how to establish an independent artistic collective and profit off of your work without succumbing to mainstream media professions.

More info:
Check us out at here – and come out to Earth House on Friday night to support real, underground Brooklyn Hip Hop!

Date: Thurs, Oct 23
Time: 5 pm
Place: WoodHead Lounge (Exely Science Center)

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