Don’t Try to Pet the Black Bear Spotted in Middletown


According to Middletown Patch and the Middletown Press, a black bear sighting in Middletown was reported early evening on Tuesday.

Middletown Police Lt. Heather Desmond advises town residents to stay alert and avoid approaching the bear. Precautionary steps include eliminating any attractants (such as food or garbage) left outside your living spaces.

The original post from Middletown Animal Control:

This bear is wandering around the Westfield section of Middletown today. He got scared and climbed a tree at the State Police Headquarters. If you see the bear, PLEASE do not approach it; LEAVE IT ALONE. Please secure your garbage, grills, bird feeders and any other potential food sources to avoid attracting him. Feel free to take a picture from safely INSIDE your home. THANK YOU!!!

Again, bears will not be your friends, they will not chill with you, they are wild animals and also very large. You can report any bear sightings online to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.

middletown-bearAbove image via WTNH. Top image via Middletown Patch.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Try to Pet the Black Bear Spotted in Middletown

  1. Anon15

    We should built 3 protective walls around Middletown to protect ourselves from bears! They should be wall Sina, Wall Rose, and Wall Maria!

    1. yo

      hahaha I know exactly who you are, hey man, hope all is well! but I’m pretty sure the bear wouldn’t try to eat anybody.

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