Leila Buck—“Hkeelee (Talk to Me)”

buck_eventFrom CFA staffer Andrew Chatfield:

“Hkeelee (Talk to Me)” is a personal and political exploration of family, memory, and what it means to be(come) American. Attempting to move her Lebanese grandmother into an assisted living facility in Washington, writer and solo performer Leila Buck ’99 unpacks a suitcase of belongings, along with unpredictable waves of memories and stories.

Moving between her grandmother and herself, each character struggling to understand what it is she must remember, Ms. Buck invites the audience to participate in her struggle to piece together the remnants of her history, and with it their own.

Weaving traditional storytelling with direct audience participation, “Hkeelee” is an interactive exploration of what we hold onto and what we let go, and how those choices come to shape who we are. This event is part of “Muslim Women’s Voices at Wesleyan.”

Date: Wednesday, October 29
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: CFA Hall

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