SEXY HALLOWEEN PARTY // MFDP & Swipe Right // ???


If you aren’t at Alpha Delt on Halloween you aren’t doing yourself any favors. MFDP and Swipe Right will be playing some loud rock and roll, and if y’all stick around afterwards you’ll be treated to the musical stylings of DJ Schoolboy Jew. Costumes required.

*** MFDP ***
A capital-R Rock Band engineered to make you dance. Guitars won’t be the only thing turnt up.

*** Swipe Right ***
Indie rockers serving up groovy originals and slick covers. Look for them on Tinder.

*** DJ Schoolboy Jew ***
What she order, Sam Shillét?

Date: Friday, October 31th
Time: 11PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi Society, 185 High St

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