Do It In the Dark: Challenge II

From Molly “fast shower” Stienfeld ’15

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Do It In the Dark!For those of you who haven’t heard of Do It In the Dark yet, it isWesleyan’s annual energy saving competition. Every dollar saved inenergy reduction goes towards Wesleyan Financial Aid. All campusresidences compete to reduce the most energy and win prizes!We have just entered the second phase of the competition: the ShowerChallenge. For the next two weeks, we are trying to reduce showertimes. Taking showers under four minutes not only saves water but alsoelectricity. In order to gain points on Joulebug, buzz the “ShowerSprinter” pin under the “Water” tab.Don’t forget past tips for electricity savings.

Thanks for your continued participation and support!

Wesleying post!
PLUS! Do It In the Dark was featured in the Middletown Press!

Where: Your house/fauver/hi rise/lo rise/program house/dorm!
When: Started October 12th and runs through November 25th. You can still catch up!
Cost: Free plus you give financial aid scholarships.

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