The Double Twins Release Their New EP with The Healers Tomorrow At Earth House

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The Double Twins (Matan Koplin-Green ‘15, Anna Schwab ‘16, and Dan Pope ‘16) describe themselves as “French-house inspired post-pop normcore chillwave,” and their first five-song EP was released on Soundcloud on September 8. To celebrate its début, they play Earth House tomorrow night with Milwaukee, WI, band The Healers.

The EP was written, recorded, and produced over the summer on the floor of Koplin-Green’s great-aunt’s apartment in New York. As he said on his Facebook page, “[The EP is] an emotional rollercoaster of uplifting pop, French house, deep electro, folk, and punk. It represents a culmination of my experiences over the last four years. It’s five songs I’ve written since I released the last song I said I would ever write.”

So, what happens when the newest musical project of the force behind “Do The Michael Roth” and a band of three doctors from Wisconsin meet? Read on for more about how this EP came to be, about The Healers, and about their show tomorrow night.

The Double Twins EP is the product of four tumultuous years of musical drifting and shifting relationships. Koplin-Green wrote in an email, “At [Wesleyan], I’ve played in Robert’s Donthe KilogramsAshcatcher, and a few other fun groups. I played bass in all-caps LADD but quit a few years before they hit it big, and spent a lot of time listening to French House (JusticeSebastianKavinsky) and other electronic music while DJing lo-rise parties and making Wesleyan-themed dance music under the name Betty.” (Yes, this means that Koplin-Green is behind “How To Do The Michael Roth,” which was definitely my gchat status for at least a week, and probably someone’s ringtone.)

But, after moving between groups and between sounds, Koplin-Green has found direction in The Double Twins. About the EP itself, he wrote, “A few songs are on the chill side, like “Runaway From Love” and “Seen It All Before” and “Know You’re Thinking of Me” are on the breakup side of things, whereas “Open Your Eyes” and “Make Things Right (Bonus Track) are fun dancey songs.”

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Headlining the Halloween Double Twins Spectacular are The Healers, composed of (Matan’s dad) Doc Green ’80 p’15 on bass, Berto Chez on drums, and Muncie Indiana on guitar. They’re three doctors who cover classic rock hits. They perform in their scrubs. Their Facebook page is full of doctor puns, like “The prognosis is excellent for a complete renewal of mind, body and soul.” What more do you need?

According to the Facebook event, the night will end with “an epic generational duel: master vs. disciple… teacher vs. student… father vs. son… ~~~ GUITAR BATTLE ~~~”, so I’d be on the lookout for that, as well as a music video for “Open Your Eyes” directed by Alexis Moh ‘15. Apparently it involves a horse costume.

[Edit, 1/24/2015: Here is the music video. It definitely involves a horse costume.]

Date: Friday, October 31
Time: 10:30 PM
Place: Earth House

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