Halloweekend Bingo

hx0191Want something else to do as you move between costume parties and house shows? Want to remember the obscure costumes you see on your nights out? Play Halloweekend Bingo!

There’s only one available sheet, but we figured that among any group of friends, you’re not all going to be in the same places or see the same costumes. Pick your own prize for whoever wins. (We suggest grilled cheese.)

This Halloweekend bingo sheet is a creation of sophomores Liz Farrell, Wyatt Rees, Maya Stevens, Kate Suslovic, and Lydia Tonkonow.


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2 thoughts on “Halloweekend Bingo

    1. The Lord Protector

      Citizen Nelson,

      As Lord Protector and founder of Delta Mu Tao, the frat to end all frats, I hereby declare you an enemy of the commonwealth. Our Parliament has revealed that in your 4 years at Wesleyan you have engaged in actions that have had negative effects on other members of the commonwealth. From cursing at other citizens and putting them in harms way, to partaking in excessive substance abuse, to being an elitist, spoiled, self-entitled, unconscious white male. Likewise after reviewing your academic work we find it disturbing that you seek to only focus on Europe during the modern era. This has shown us that you have no vision of oppressed peoples’ historical perspectives about their struggles against slavery, racism, and settler colonialism. For these crimes I have declared you one of new public enemies of the Commonwealth. You are now underneath Michael Roth as public enemy number 3 of the Commonwealth. I hereby request your expulsion from our commonwealth since your actions have not perpetuated the vision of inclusiveness, respect, activism, and weirdness that we seek to make in our Commonwealth. Should you not comply I will have no option but to employ the Knights of the Commonwealth in your eviction. May god have mercy on your soul.

      One Commonwealth, one people, one society.


      Cesar A. Chavez

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