all caps LADD EP Release Concert


Directly from the collective mouth of All Caps LADD:
So we’re all-caps LADD ! and we’re led by our namesake, Jack Ladd, and play some indie rock inspired by the likes of wilco, the national, the strokes, and radiohead, and our EP is called ‘Mad in the Coatroom EP’ and it has three songs: Mad in the Coatroom, Summer Nights, and Kids.
We’re playing a show today at Earth house (details here) with two awesome openers, Phatrabbit and Bryan Farb And The Raisin Band, to celebrate us finally releasing the EP after so much work and all the difficulties that we’ve had with recording over the past two years.
We should have had recordings online a long time ago, but besides some acoustic stuff for WESU we have nothing, so this is big for us.
Just a quick quote from a method article Nick Martino did about us: “Adversity is a term the band is particularly familiar with, especially at the spring of last year when Ladd’s room was broken into and both his and Bennett’s laptops were stolen. Along with both computers they lost all the recordings the band had been working on for most of the year. This was particularly painful, especially given the fact that a similar mishap involving water damage destroyed many of their recordings the previous year. But the group’s failings helped push them in new directions. As they became repeatedly stuck, wasting time on false starts and sticking fast to each other like the doomed Rat King, Ladd realized they needed to divert their energy into playing and less so into recording. “Last year we started working at it a lot more,” he says. “We had to experience a lot of the failures and problems that we would inevitably run into in order to get here.”
When: Tonight
Where: Earth House
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