Best of WesMaps: Spring 2015 Edition

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Spring 2015 PreRegistration is open, meaning it’s 2+ weeks of fretting—mostly for frosh, but it’s no treat for everyone else, either. WesMaps takes in your feelings, your worries, your hopes, your dreams, your prerequisites, and it spits them out into a nonsensical schedule as if to say, I am a roulette of chance and class hierarchy and you shall bow to my authority.

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So to help everyone out in their quest, I’ve been going around looking for the weirdest/most liberal arts/funniest course names and descriptions on WesMaps. Just remember, just because it sounds stupid doesn’t mean it’s not the most awesome and fascinating class you might ever take—take that from a guy who was in “Exotic Latin Corporealities” (LAST 213, Spring 2013).

Disclaimer: As with everytime we do this sort of post, the classes are heavily weighted in the Humanties and Social Sciences categories, because, as hard as you try, you won’t get far on laughs with “Molecular Biophysics Journal Club II.” If you see anything that is noteworthy that I didn’t include here, put it in the comments!

And even though there are no “temporality” classes this semester, the Center for Humanities theme this year is “Mobilities,” which means we have these great classes at our disposal:

Happy course-hunting, and may Adjustment be with you!

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3 thoughts on “Best of WesMaps: Spring 2015 Edition

    1. Gabe

      Truth, but we didn’t cover it last semester. Mobility classes from the fall semester: “The Acceleration of Europe: Mobility and Communication, 1000-­1700,” “Social Mobility, Politics, and Morals,” “Ethnographies of Emerging Media,” and “Mobilizing Dance: Cinema, the Body, and Culture in South Asia.”

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