In the Pit for In the Heights


A pit-picture (piture?)

This semester, I had the pleasure of being one of the keyboardists for Wesleyan’s Theater and Music Department production of In the Heights — and, to be honest, I’m still not sure what happens in the show. All I know is that there’s a sassy hairdresser, a hilarious abuela, and a whole lot of frustrated people who really need just one thing to go right in their world to make their lives great. Like I said, I really don’t know what happens. From the pit, all I can tell you is that the cast has really great voices and incredibly rad shoes. But there are some other cool things I can tell you, considering I’m an In the Heights ~insider~, so here goes:

  • When Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 wrote In the Heights at Wesleyan, Nina wasn’t a Stanford drop-out… she was a Yale drop-out. And instead of the powerful ballad Breathe,” she sang an angsty return-to-New-York song that included a little bit about how she wanted to “get the fuck out of New Haven.” When Miranda came to Wesleyan earlier this semester to talk to the cast and crew for In the Heights, he performed Nina’s original song for us.
  • The set is made from egg crates. It’s probably the most awesome thing that’s ever happened.
  • The main character of the show is Usnavi, and for Wesleyan’s production, we have two actors (Eury German ’16 and Wesley Martinez-Close ’15) that alternate performances as him. When they’re not playing Usnavi, they’re in the chorus. And they do some pretty great shit. (i.e., one of them wears a zebra print jacket and a tutu.)
  • Occasionally, Graffiti Pete (Henry Lombino ’18), who opens the show with an awesome spray-paint vandalism dance, will spell out something cool in the process. 

I had an awesome time being part of this show, and I hope everyone who came to see it already and who will come to see it later today (8 PM!) will love it as much as I have. Thanks for your support, Wesleyan, and enjoy the show!

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