slow parade//oh oh ecstasy//indian twin @buho

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.20.31 AMI’m posting this event from Blaise Bayno-Krebs ’16 because I’m obsessed with Matt Fine ’15 and you should all go see his band Slow Parade. Here are the bare bone facts:

SLOW PARADE @11:00 ish
“post noise, uneasy listening” a wesleyan grown crew
(ugh they play so much)

OH, OH, ECSTASY @ 10:30 ish
an extremely prolific “washed out, dreamy pop” band with a “punk”
attitude from NYC
(if u like ariel pink u like oox)

“lovepunk” “Carnival 50’s pop from your black and white bad dreams”
from Tufts University
(they make me want to dance around+one time they played w delicate

Time: 10 PM
Date: 11/21
Place: BuHo

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