#BlackLivesMatter: Students Respond to Ferguson Verdict

2014-11-25 11.59.29
Beginning at 11AM today, students have gathered in Usdan to push back against the verdict of no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson given last night in Ferguson. Wilson shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown months ago, leading to protests in Ferguson and across the country. Signs are being held and banners have been dropped in Usdan right before the campus leaves for Thanksgiving break tomorrow.

There have also been messages written around campus, including on Foss Hill and in front of Olin. More images of the movement in Usdan after the break.

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6 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter: Students Respond to Ferguson Verdict

  1. Burt

    “BlackLivesMatter” – oh really white kid holding that sign. So if someone shot you right now, does your life not matter. How about we try to show lives and lives not having color.

    Also please look into this case and realize none of us were in that court room.

    1. Jibril

      Fuck you. I hate all of you that are so bold as to say this from the protection of your computer screen but don’t have the nerve to look us in the eye. It’s not about you. If you have questions please come see me so we can really talk about how you feel. –Djibril Sall (dsall@wesleyan.edu)

    2. Michael Darer

      You’re just fucking spectacular at missing the point. Our society has never disputed whether a white life matters or not. That’s a given. In fact, in our society a white life matters so much that even the slightest hint of a potential hypothetical threat to it is enough to justify the taking of a black life. Cut out your “what about white people” bullshit.

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