Call for Submissions: No Shave November

IMG_2129Did you grow out your body hair for No Shave November? ‘Cause I did. Send a photo of your furry self to corroborate your experience to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the words “No Shave November” in the subject line. Include a little something about your body hair/November experience, whether or not you want to be anonymous, and maybe a fun fact or two. For inspiration, here are other examples of No Shave November and Novembeards (although all types of body hair are welcome).

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One thought on “Call for Submissions: No Shave November

  1. anon 13

    thank you!! i always felt excluded from no shave, all the beard pics. my soph year i did it quietly and since then have forgone shaving almost all the time.

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