Now What? A Processing of Ferguson’s Grand Jury

From Dreisen Heath ’15: 

As we deal with the aftermath of Ferguson, we have mixed feelings as to what happened and why. What do we know 10420125_989282294431882_3805789890213122872_nabout the case? How do we deal with the verdict? How can we move forward?

Join us for a conversation about Ferguson and how we will proceed
individually and collectively with this case. This event will function
as a starting point for the Wesleyan community to openly address the worth of black lives and the pandemic of police misconduct. We encourage that each person keep the conversation going amongst friends, faculty, strangers and allies.

Pizza will be served (first come, first served!) Everyone should be there.

*We are circulating a Google Doc that addresses any questions, concerns, or thoughts regarding the Ferguson case or tangential to it. We will be addressing the Google Doc during the Processing conversation.* The link is here.

Thank you and see you soon!

Date: Friday, December 5
Time: 6:15 PM
Place: Vanguard Lounge, Center for African-American Studies, 343 High Street
Face: book

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