[UPDATED] Wes Drops Sabra: Stirring up the Hummus

Update (12/9/14 12:13PM):  The WSA Dining Committee has released the following statement based on developments over the weekend:

As many people on and off campus are aware, Wesleyan recently switched from stocking Sabra hummus to a local brand, Cedar’s. Though we made this change in the interest of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, it unfortunately has been misinterpreted  in the media and elsewhere as a political statement in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. In order to clarify our continued political neutrality, and to give students a choice, we will be stocking both Sabra and Cedar’s hummus, starting in January.

Obviously, this is big news that counteracts the political/ethical implications of destocking Sabra hummus. Given that this is the first notice of these changes, we have no statement from those involved in the campaign to remove Sabra, as of yet. We will update this article again with any further developments.

Update (12/9/14 7:08PM): A statement has been released by Yael Horowitz ’17, Students for Justice in Palestine, and “another group of concerned students”:

We are extremely disappointed in the University’s decision to put Sabra Hummus back on the shelves.  It is not an ethical response, but is instead motivated by public relations and the opinions of President Michael Roth.  Student opinion is against Israeli apartheid and occupation, and we will continue to make this known.  This is not the end of the conversation.

[Original Post]

If you haven’t noticed (though you probably have), Weshop has started carrying a new brand of hummus. Over the course of a few weeks, Sabra hummus has been phased out and replaced by Cedar’s. Additionally, all other Sabra products have been taken off the shelves in Pi and Usdan Café. This change was implemented under the direction of the Dining Committee, which is led by WSA members and Bon Appetit staff.

The decision to switch hummus brands comes after a long campaign by members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and other students to remove Sabra products from the dining locations on campus, because of Sabra’s involvement in the Israel/Palestine conflict.This campaign was initiated over the course of multiple semesters. “Two years ago, we were researching and educating ourselves on the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions movement, which began in Palestine in 2005,” says JJ Mitchell ’15. The movement seeks to take a stand against financial support for Israel and its actions against Palestine. “Sabra’s parent company, Strauss Group, provides direct monetary aid to certain military brigades, specifically the Golani Brigade, that are known for their particularly violent approaches,” says Mitchell. These Israeli Defense Forces that have received material support from Strauss Group have been pinpointed as violating the human rights of Palestinians.

Other schools have seen similar campaigns, to varying degrees of success, including Princeton University and Earlham College. Last year, students, including members of SJP started taking action to get Sabra destocked at Weshop and Pi. They drafted a letter to the Weshop managers, explaining why it should be removed in order to promote a stance of political neutrality. Mitchell says that at that time, the Weshop staff responded that this “was not an option.”

After that, students adopted other approaches, focusing mainly on an awareness campaign. An informational zine was published. Others were involved in stickering Sabra packages with informational stickers.

But no changes were made. And in the fall, upon the return for the new semester, Sabra was still on the shelves. The students involved in the campaign continued their actions. Requests were made to the WSA. There were pamphlets distributed and a banner dropped.

And then suddenly, with no announcement, Sabra started being replaced with Cedar’s, a different hummus brand.

Isabel Linzer ‘17, member of the WSA Dining Committee, provides a little more insight into the decision. As Linzer explains, “The Dining Committee was approached by a few individuals who were concerned about the stocking of Sabra Hummus. These students pointed out that by stocking Sabra Hummus Bon Appetit and Wesleyan were complicit in crimes against humanity according to the UN, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International. While this point was noted, it was not the deciding factor in our decision to switch to Cedar’s Hummus. Cedar’s is a local, all natural, family-owned brand. The concerned students suggested Cedar’s as an alternative product, which the Dining Committee felt was better aligned with both the Dining Committee and Bon Appetit’s mission to be ‘a pioneer in environmentally-sound sourcing policies.’”

Mitchell notes that those involved in the campaign had proposed Cedar’s Hummus as an alternative from the start of their actions. The Dining Committee clearly listened to this suggestion in making their decision.

All the same, Linzer’s words articulate a disconnect between the decision and the ethical and political arguments made by students involved in the campaign. As she states, “the individuals that presented Cedar’s as a better alternative came to us as concerned community members and did not present themselves as being affiliated with any student groups” and stressed the sustainability goals of Bon Appetit and the Dining Committee in influencing the decision.

Whatever the reasons were, the decision is making waves in the media, though not necessarily in students’ eating habits. Those involved in the campaign have claimed it as a major victory for the BDS movement. Besides conversations about the campaign’s influence on the decision, there has been little resistance to the change in brands amongst students. As anyone who has tried Cedar’s can attest, it’s a comparable, if not tastier hummus than Sabra—though even Mitchell advises against the Lemon Zest flavor. [Editor’s note: It’s true, Lemon Zest is gross; but the garlic hummus is terrific.]

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120 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Wes Drops Sabra: Stirring up the Hummus

  1. Tru Chainz

    When have you ever debated with someone and had them change their mind? This is all pointless. Stop the mental masturbation folks!

  2. Bubbe (yes I am Jewish) Bobbie

    It is obvious that History has stopped being taught. In 1948 Arabs were told by the surrounding Arab Nations to return HOME…They left Israel and went to Jordan, Syria, etc so those nations could attack the newly form Israeli Govt. WHEN they lost, those same Arab Nations REFUSED to allow their returning citizens to stay. Gaza was GIven to these displaced ARABS for PEACE by Israel, with a thriving Community and potential. They chose destruction. We you support the Boycott You are Supporting Apartheid as ONLY Israel gives equal rights to Jews, Arabs, Christians and WOMEN in the Middle East. You are supporting the bludgeoning deaths of men in prayer.The selling and rape of young even pre-pubescent girls by Terrorists, the use of children as Martyrs. How IGNORATANT are the Educated in America? Gaza is such a good neighbor that even EGYPT has created a wall for their own safety.

  3. Common Sense

    SJP, why don’t you boycott Cedar Hummus then? They are a part of the United States, so they pay taxes to a government that tortures prisoners like the CIA report just says. I’m sure you’d agree that that is a human rights violation, so boycott Cedar Hummus. And following that train of thought, boycott Wesleyan too because it pays taxes to the American government. Don’t buy anything here or live here at all for that matter because of the crimes if any of only a few.

  4. arturo

    “Sabra’s parent company, Strauss Group, provides direct monetary aid to
    certain military brigades, specifically the Golani Brigade, that are
    known for their particularly violent approaches…”

    LOL!!! The Golani is a military brigade. Their job is to be violent! The Arabs don’t like it when you fight back with force.

    1. doc

      The do terrible things like blow up rocket launchers and kill people using guns and grenades who want to kill their children in Israeli schools and buses. Very violent indeed!

  5. Buying Power

    By deciding to stock both brands of hummus, Wesleyan has made the decision to empower the student body economically. Each and every one of you now has the choice of whether or not you would like to support Sabra or not. Make your voice heard in through your buying power. If you support the boycott, then do not buy Sabra. If you do not support it, do not buy Sabra. Do some research and decide for yourself if you believe that Sabra is worth boycotting and make the decision for yourself

  6. DT

    As with BDS hoaxes at Hampshire College, TIAA CREF and too many other examples to name, SJP seems to have found another chance to try to pass off someone else’s non-political decision as having been made entirely due to their political activity. And if an organization cannot be trusted to speak truthfully about what is happening on their own campus, why should we take anything they say about the Middle East as true.

    How about this for a method of determining if the next SJP press release regarding someone participating in boycott or divestment activity is true: Have that someone (not SJP interpreting for them) make an announcement themselves that makes it clear a choice has been made specifically for political reasons related to the Middle East. Such a standard worked fine for the anti-Apartheid struggle (and every other divestment battle we’ve seen since, including those directed at Sudan). So is it too much of a stretch to require the person allegedly doing all this boycotting and divesting to say that’s what they’re doing (rather than have a partisan third party say it for them)?

      1. DT

        i.e., rather than have a third party (like SJP) explain that someone else (like Hampshire College or Wesleyan University) is divesting from Israel or boycotting Israeli products, why not have whoever is supposed to be making these decisions (i.e., Hampshire or Wesleyan) make that announcement? After all, absent such a statement from someone allegedly making a political decision, a political act hasn’t really occurred, has it?

        1. nowitspolitical

          dining services anounced the change in the wsa meeting. the miscommunication was pretty obvious- they felt the major drive was for local initiatives while the concerned students bringing this up for the past year were focused on having them stop funding the IDF by buying sabra. instead of turning this into a should or should not, id like to point out that dining services has just publicly made a political move. they have CHOSE TO BUY SABRA. please refer to my comment below in which i am names “must response bc wtf”

          1. Dt

            It would be easier to see this as a simple error of communication if those participating in the BDS “movement” did not have such a long track record of falsely passing off economic or other non-political decisions by others (Hampshire College, TIAA-CREF, Blackrock, Harvard, the list is long…) as politically motivated and based on the BDSers own agenda.

            Which is why I recommended a simple test of whether a boycott or divestment action has actually been taken: by having the person doing so saying so (without an SJP intermediary – http://divestthis.com/2012/10/prove-it.html).

    1. student

      What “genocide” and “apartheid” in the Muslim world are you talking about? Please elaborate…

      1. roccolore

        Gays being thrown from buildings and hanged. Women stoned to death for being raped. Women beaten for not wearing cloth coffins. Girls with acid thrown in their faces for going to school. Death sentences for Christians and Jews caught carrying non-Koran religious books. Churches and synagogues full of worshippers burned by the government. Death sentences for those who criticize Islam.

  7. Zacko(real name finally!)Brint

    Instead of boycotting hummus, your organization should be focusing on talking about issues and trying to have meaningful dialogue. Also, your boycott of hummus is rather racist. You choose a product that has a middle-eastern name. If you were genuine about these boycotts you would not be able to use any tech products. here is a list of other suggested companies to boycott. Can you commit to this? Is this really accomplishing your goal? This recent action makes me loose a lot of respect for your organization

    These are a list of companies that work with Israel or are products of Israel. Do you really think that hurting the Israeli economy

    Victoria Secret
    Proctor and Gambel (try getting any household product)
    HP (pretty much any technology

    According to this logic, this is a list of products that need to be boycotted according to the Facebook page “Lost of Israeli Products to Boycott” because using these “products benefits Israel”

    Coca Cola

    1. student

      I think what they’re trying to do is boycott products that “benefit the IDF” or “military troops” that commit to war crimes. Also, it is extremely hard to boycott everything at once. The step Wesleyan took to take Sabra off the shelves was just a start. Unfortunately we have a president and administration who only care about their “public image” and being “neutral” in conflicts like this.

      1. Sabra tastes yum

        The movement to bring Sabra back was actually led by students who felt threatened by the start of a boycott movement on campus. So if you are going to claim student solidarity on this issue, you are misrepresenting a portion of this campus. And I’m pretty sure that not what this school is about.

        1. student

          please explain to me why are you “threatened” by a boycott movement? How does it affect your daily life? As a Palestinian student on this campus, the real threat is restocking Sabra. By restocking sabra the school is basically saying “We don’t care about your life or lives of your family in the West Bank who are living under the REAL threat- namely IDF.

        2. ....

          stfu- you dont know what solidarity is. youre talking about consensus. i dont think everyone is expecting that we must reach a consensus-based decision on whether or not to do pretty much anything at wesleyan.

    1. roccolore

      Liberal and Muslim fascists like you support the apartheid in the Muslim world where gays are hanged and rape victims are stoned.

      1. im queer

        please dont talk about gay people being hung in the muslim world. as a queer wesleyan student, it pains me to hear israel and the usa tooted as some sort of progressive haven for queer people. theyre not, this isnt a haven, wesleyan doesnt even make me feel safe, so dont pin the blame on the muslim world. thanks

        1. roccolore

          Funny how the gay rights groups will attack Israel and America while staying silent on the Muslim world. Try holding a gay pride parade in Tehran or Beirut.

      2. student

        Bullshit! FYI I’m a Palestinian Christian who wholeheartedly supports the BDS movement! And please get your facts together and stop spreading this “Muslim fascists” propaganda

  8. alum

    It’s so interesting that people care about Palestine and the BDS movement, yet don’t seem to bat an eye buying products from other countries with human rights violations (e.g. China, SE Asia, etc.)

    1. student

      as an american i feel particularly enraged at our consistent military aid for israel (the most military aid of any country we give to) as it enforces apartheid laws through its military. the bds movement is catching on- we might be able to stop this ethnic cleansing. i know there are other human rights violations we, as wesleyan students, are implicated in (we are invested in arms manufacturers). lets keep addressing these- we dont need to choose our battles and then ignore the rest. gildan the t-shirt company and victorias secret use prison labor- in part of being actively anti-racist wes students when making t-shirts should make sure to avoid gildan (victorias secrets will have to be more individual consumer choice). anyways, word, im batting an eye at other products, but doesnt mean we should ignore sabras human rights violations

  9. concerned

    all the white hypocrites who were at the march yesterday and support bringing Sabra back (that means you too Roth) should be ashamed. Black lives matter – but apparently the lives and rights of Palestinians don’t.

    1. bkaye

      I saw Rabbis marching with Dr. King, and three Jewish students dying in Mississippi working for black voting rights. Don’t remember any “palistinians” there.

      1. Ethan Hoffman

        Well, there are about 80,000 Palestinian Americans (in 2010, mind you) and there are about 5,400,000 Jewish Americans. So…

          1. Adam

            well first, you didn’t ask a question so how can you expect an answer? second, if we assume your implied question was: “how do you explain that?” then Ethan’s response could not be less of a non-sequitur. he explains your “observation” (the implications of which are not clear at all yet still concern me) with statistical data.

      2. cool

        and today, palestinians are showing their support for black liberation struggle in the usa #theycantbreathe #blacklivesmatter

    2. roccolore

      According to you, Jewish lives don’t matter. Neither do Bosnian ones when your black racist friends brutally assault innocent bosnians while lecturing on “justice.”

        1. roccolore

          You are an Islamofascist, Juedophobe, and Christianophobe. Muslim fascists like you should be uncomfortable when confronted about your hatred.

  10. Palestinian at wes

    That Israel has committed crimes against humanity, war crimes, and institutes a state of apartheid is not an opinion. It is a fact, as defined by the UN, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch. What we can choose is if we want Wesleyan and student fees to be complicit in the systematic ethnic cleansing of an entire people. People here get outraged because they think that they understand the reality of the situation, but I challenge to see how many have actually spent time in the horror of the West Bank or Gaza. Today Wesleyan chose to continue being complicit in bloodshed and injustice. I’m fucking disgusted.

      1. also an israeli at wes

        literally was waiting for this to happen. thank you for displaying your bigotry. im a jew responding to you, in fact most of my family lives in israel. does that make me a self-hating jew or maybe just an anti-racist one?

        1. bkaye

          yes, to both questions, although most of you are so egocentric it is hard to call you self-hating. I bet you hate your parents, though.

          1. love myself jew

            lol, thank you for calling me an anti-racist jew. love my israeli dad and his family and understand how engrained zionist ideology is; as his child my hope is to show him how engrained it really is- and then show how it’s white supremacist logic and israel’s settler-colonial tactics supported by the USA (especially evangelical super right christians)

    1. Zacko Brint

      STOP POSTING ANONYMOUSLY. It allows us to say things that hurt others. (I say this to the “israeli at wes” person as well. Come to the dialogue online with names and an open and productive approach.

      1. Kelly

        Wow. Sounds like you think that the emotional pain you experienced by reading about Israel’s alleged war crimes is more valid than THE ACTUAL PAIN CAUSED BY THOSE WAR CRIMES. Zacko Brint, don’t be so selfish.

      2. Palestinian at Wes

        There are only a handful of us at Wes, and I’d rather not open myself up to persecution (like the guy above who says “muslims are disgusting”) by giving my name online. Seek us out at actions/ protests and teach-ins. I’d be more than happy to get to know you in person :)

    1. happy to answer questions :)

      it falls under the petition that was signed by over 600 students (expressing support for bds movement in light of roth’s public comments condemning american studies association’s academic boycott). the resolution cites this petition because the wsa responded to the petition and people showing up to their meetings (in large numbers- i would guess 50 people at times) by passing the resolution.

        1. curious

          Thanks… But the resolution called for divestment from companies materially contributing to bla bla bla. To be more specific, does stocking Sabra count as investing in Strauss?

          1. gotcha

            Sabra “company was bought in 2005 by Israeli food manufacturer Strauss. In March 2008, Strauss entered a joint-venture partnership with Frito-Lay, a division of the multinational PepsiCo corporation. Strauss owns 50% and PepsiCo 50% of the company” -wikipedia

            “Strauss, a prominent Israeli corporation, like most Israeli companies, supports the Israeli Defense Force. The Golani and Givati Brigades receive support from Strauss under its Adopt a Warrior Program; these brigades have well documented incidents of human rights abuses against Palestinians.” – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2013/02/settlement-products-hummus#sthash.xWQgL28O.dpuf

            also, pepsico has a bad history of israeli military support.
            i guess we’re not literally invested, but we are financially supporting, ya know? and therefore investing in the continuation of the military that upholds the israeli apartheid state

        1. ....

          again- good luck reaching consensus-based decisions with 3000 people ever. imagine we did the opposite and made a petition to get sabra back instead of calling our zionist trust fund board members to call prezzy roth and say this threatens our existence (dripping with sarcasm)- you think you can get a majority of this campus to sign? let alone 600? this was the petition with the most signatures the wsa had seen in possibly forever.

    2. ztevenz

      To clarify: no, the stocking/destocking of Sabra does not fall under the umbrella of the resolution.

      I did not include this in the original article, though perhaps I should have, but Linzer stated that the “WSA Israel divestment resolution was related exclusively to the WSA endowment”.

  11. bkaye

    all you boycotters need to be consistent and not use any Israeli inventions or products. No flash drives, computer hard drives, many cell phone components, and a very large array of medical products. best of all, more sabra hummus for the rest of us – so much better than the other brands. oh and try their guacamole and salsa – fantastic!


      hey’all check it out- sabra hummus not only appropriates a middle eastern food by calling it israeli but also appropriates latin american foods and makes skyrocketing profit that goes to the golani brigade. thats chilllllllllllllllllll

      1. bkaye

        you got me there! but really – the guac and salsa are the best. oh – and be fair – make sure you protest at every Greek owned pizza shop (most of them in CT – love the crust) and Vietnamese owned Chinese restaurant. (a growing trend, and usually pretty good)

        1. ur, so, right, wow


    2. Kelly

      BDS doesn’t target ALL Israeli companies. It targets those like Strauss…. Companies that financially support brigades within the Israeli military.

      I’m sure you already knew that, though.

      1. bkaye

        Please do some more research before making statements. Israel is a very tiny country, surrounded by a multitude of hostile countries which have attacked it numerous times with the intention of wiping out every inhabitant. In the face of unremitting hostility, Israeli troops use a level of restraint unheard of anywhere in the world, far exceeding even the U.S. Every entity in Israel is tied to the military for their protection. It is just easier for you to single out a specialty food maker rather than the major computer and pharmaceutical companies. Please instantly throw away your flash drives, Intel, Motorola, and HP products, many antibiotics and other prescription drugs. oh, and good luck. .

        1. Ethan Hoffman

          Intel has a manufacturing facility in Israel. That’s slightly different than donating to a military faction known for human rights abuses, ya think?

          1. bkaye

            Sorry, Ethan, but you are able to go without your hummus but not your cellphone. Israel’s army is more moral than any other on earth. I have been trying to be civil, but you are a hypocrite, and a fool. Ask yourself what happens to you and your family if your BDS friends actually succeed. This is not about Israel; this is about wiping out all the Jews.

          2. Ethan Hoffman

            Sorry, let me try again: Is Intel’s stake in the Israeli military equivalent to Strauss’ stake? Because the last time I checked, Intel operates a factory in Israel, and Strauss donates money to a military brigade that commits human rights abuses. Do you honestly not see the difference? Because it’s clear as day to me.

            I think your argument rests on the assumption that I must want the destruction of the Israeli state writ-large. If that were true then, yes, I would be hypocritical for supporting any company with any stake in the Israeli economy whatsoever. However, since I don’t want the destruction of the Israeli state (just the un-destruction of the Palestinian people) I don’t really follow how I’m a hypocrite.

          3. bkaye

            fine Ethan, I am done arguing with you. compromise and keep your computer, but please throw out all your flash drives. those were invented in Israel, and undoubtedly support the country and the military far better than a few tubs of mashed chic peas.

  12. bkaye

    Wesleyan is now an active participant in the worldwide attack on Jews, ranging from BDS boycotts to pogroms in Europe and knife attacks on worshipers in Jerusalem and Brooklyn.

    This is also directly reminiscent of the German Nuremburg laws, which initially targeted Jewish commerce before metastasizing into the final solution.

    If you read the attached WTNH story you will see that your university’s attack, like that of the Nazis, is based on stating lies (“Golani Brigade, an Israeli military unit known for abusing human rights”) as if they are generally accepted truths. In true 1984 fashion, the terrorists are claiming that those entrusted to protect civilians are the villains, and the throatcutters the victims. Your university is now complicit in these lies, and worse, in inculcating this propaganda in the minds of your students.

      1. bkaye

        I am not surprised you feel this way, and it should make you uncomfortable. Please tell me, though, exactly what I said that you disagree with.

    1. Ethan Hoffman

      “If you read the attached WTNH story you will see that your university’s attack, like that of the Nazis, is based on stating lies (“Golani Brigade, an Israeli military unit known for abusing human rights”) as if they are generally accepted truths.”

      You got any evidence to back that up, buddy?

      1. bkaye

        Please see my response to Kelly, above. But in general, yes. Israel drops leaflets and makes cell phone calls to clear civilians, has documented numerous times they called off air strikes on known terrorists because too many civilians were present, have released terrorists with blood on their hands in the interest of promised peace talks. No other army on earth does anything like this. If Israel was interested in causing harm, they have the military strength to do so easily. The only thing they are doing in your name, bro, is trying to keep alive, and maybe keep a place for you to escape to when you succeed in turning the US into 1940s Germany.

        1. Ethan Hoffman

          No, I meant, can you prove, with EVIDENCE, that the Golani Brigade does not commit human rights abuses? Because you said that statement was a lie. If it’s a lie, it should be easy for you to refute with facts from reality.

          Also, I note your insinuation of Nazi-ism in your response. Nice argument bro.

          1. bkaye

            Ethan, I fear for you. If you feel your BDS brethren are removed from the Nazis you are not paying attention. Maybe if you succeed they will let you be the token Jew. I hope when you grow up a little you will see a little more clearly, and I hope Israel will still be there for you when you need it, despite your attempts to destroy it.

    1. ok.....

      word, bro, ur like making a mad good point right now, its like totally hilarious cause, like, yeah man, its not fucked up or anything that we’re supporting apartheid- your enthusiasm is racist ;)

          1. history major

            Very different situation. South Africa’s gov’t systematically oppressed blacks because of pure racism. Palestinians experience limited rights because of an ongoing war…

          2. what...

            what the goddamn fuck is pure racism?
            does systematic racism not count under that category???

          3. Adam

            we probably don’t know what pure racism is because we weren’t history majors. we didn’t take “Pure Racism and Ongoing War”

  13. must respond bc wtf....

    of course wesleyan students need freedom of choice of their hummus while most palestinians don’t have a choice about whether to live, let alone, be able to drink water…. i hope isabel and everyone else on dining service feels good that wesleyan students have one more comfort in their life………. and to wesleyan students, lets not buy the fucking sabra? agreed? lets show them… that we do not need the freedom to choose a product that ensures that people dont have the right to basically survive. i think wes students can prove that this is a ridiculous and (hints politically really screwed up- you were neutral before guys… now you’re implicated in apartheid…) unnecessary move that now screams to any palestinian in occupied palestine or around the world that you don’t care that their family is dying at the hands of an imperialist power in the middle east. i was so impressed with the fact that you guys had gotten rid of sabra, and now, i am profoundly disappointed in wesleyan student assembly. read the resolution from last year- and the petition. if i recall correctly…. thats over 600 signatures- what the hell do you guys need to show that you guys are responding to student support- jeez….
    especially in light of the fact that there was just a black lives matter march here in middletown that so many wes students showed up for, this is just a damper on the potential hope i had for indifferent wesleyan students to “wake up” so to speak. “wake up” dining services- you are now explicitly adding OUR support to an apartheid state- WE DID NOT ASK YOU TO DO THAT.

      1. o, please

        concerned for who? me? no thanks, please direct your concern to mizrahi israelis, african refugees (ethiopian primarily) and palestinians living in an apartheid state.
        please, “inform” me- so that wes students can see.

        1. CONCERNED JEW

          you still buy a ton of products from nations with worse track records than Israel. Just admit you don’t want jews to prosper on this planet. If the palestinians had the weapons Israel has, Israel would be gone within a day. Israel could turn gaza into a parking lot within the hour, but doesn’t. There’s a war on that landmass and no one isn’t guilty of crimes.

          1. concerned

            Yea and IF pigs had wings they would fly. But they don’t. So just because some other countries do bad things too we shouldn’t do anything about any of them. This is illogical. The school needs to be held accountable for a choice they have already made. GET SABRA OFF THE SHELVES.

            P.S. nothing about boycotting sabra is anti-semitic

          2. bkaye

            Everything about the ultimate goal of your BDS pals goes way beyond anti-Semitic straight to third reich. Just so you know who your associates are.

  14. concerned

    Oh wow, I had been buying Sabra all this time. Thank you so much to the organizers of this campaign for doing this, it feels like a weight has been lifted from the shoulders of Wesleyan University! Where would we be if it weren’t for students like this?!

    1. HaterzGonHate

      Where would we be without students who care about injustices and take action to change things? Well, the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the movement to protect free speech would have lost some of their most avid and important supporters. While it is valid to disagree with the outcome, don’t insult student activism because it’s really really important. If you’re complaining because you think a vocal “activist” minority is being misrepresented, become a vocal activist for your cause instead of hating on those who work hard to bring about important change.

  15. Demanding Equal Representation

    Explain to me how a hummus company is committing human rights violations? Did you know that USB drives were invented in Israel? I don’t see anyone trying to ban those from our campus.

    The lack of transperency in making this decision is ridiculous. Yet again, this goes to show how the WSA really only represents that ultra-vocal minority of students instead of the campus as a whole.

    1. BDS works!

      So…it’s about explicit and direct material support for a specific millitary unit that has been cited by the UN for its violations. That’s what the BDS movement is about – mounting financial and cultural pressure until Israel complies with international law.

      This is how it works and the movement is growing. Good work to all these who pressured for this campaign. This is how we get to justice.

    2. Lelly Kee

      Unfortunately for us all, complaining on the Wesleying comments section doesn’t actually get things done. Being vocal and organizing campaigns does.

      SJP killin it! Gettin things done.

  16. Ross L.

    This has been getting ALL OVER twitter and Facebook. People literally all over the country and the world are watching this–it’s another victory among many for BDS, from Wesleyan to Europe to South Africa…it’s happening all over. This story has over 6,000 shares on Facebook, and check out the hundreds of people who are talking about it on twitter…people are paying attention to BDS.

    From Electronic Intifada (over 100,000 followers on Facebook):

    Twitter search for “wesleyan sabra”:

    National Students for Justice in Palestine:

    The article on facebook:

    The BDS movement could use a bit of good news these days. Arab American activist Rasmea Odeh has been put in solitary confinement in Michigan for her activism ( http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2014/12/05/center-constitutional-rights-condemns-placement-rasmea-odeh-solitary-confinement ), and the people paying attention to this stuff have been heartened by this sliver of good news from Wesleyan.

    1. The Lord Protector

      To all Citizens of the Commonwealth,

      Alas Delta Mu Tau’s partner organization SJP has had another victory. This is a glorious day that we shall rejoice for days to come. All the Knights of the Commonwealth involved in this campaign have done a great deal of work and I thank them for it. Congratulations!

      One people, one commonwealth, one society!


      The Lord Protector
      Founder of Delta Mu Tau and Sponsor of the Wesleyan Parliament

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