Procrastination Destination: Welcome to Night Vale


A sci-fi podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome To Night Vale takes the form of a current-events radio show. Each episode centers around one specific event that’s happening throughout each 30-minute show, and your charismatic host is Cecil Palmer, the voice of Night Vale (played by Cecil Baldwin). Sounds good, right?

Fink has said that WTNV should be “hard to describe to your friends,” and oh, how it is. Essentially, WTNV is a show about weird shit that happens in a small town in the desert that is the American southwest. It’s, you know, just like every other town — pervaded by the corporate megalomania of a company called StrexCorp, monitored by a vague and nameless government agency, and full of people who think this is completely normal.

Like, totally! The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home can definitely run for mayor against a literal five-headed dragon. Totally normal. Station management at Night Vale Radio is just a vague rumbling from behind a door. The weather is just a song. Following every subplot in WTNV is a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true. My guess is that if you’re into Twin Peaks, you’d probably be into this too.

For an added bonus, Night Vale’s resident scientist, Carlos (who does eventually become Cecil’s boyfriend — WTNV has existed since 2012, I think I’m allowed to give you this spoiler), is now voiced by Dylan Marron ’10, who has his own tag on Wesleying!

Another gem is the Night Vale twitter. Maybe it’ll give you a better sense of what exactly we’re talking about.


All 57 episodes of Welcome To Night Vale are on iTunes as podcasts, as well as on the WTNV Soundcloud page. There are even some extra live recordings on their Soundcloud, so that’s at least 24 hours that we have covered for you until tomorrow.

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