Early Decision Notifications Go Out to the Class of 2019 and We’re All Ancient

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It’s that time of year again when Wes students complain about how old they are: Early Decision notifications have been sent to the class of 2019, and around 300-350ish kiddos are now officially coming to Wesleyan this fall. Also, just to throw in some math: Most members of this class were born in 1997 (some in 1996 and even 1998).

The College Confidential thread is ridiculously boring this year (step up your game, prefrosh), so instead, here’s some chatter from the latest cardinals via Twitter:

And from some current students and alumni:

Congrats to all the newest admits! Better go brush up on your HIMYM and MGMT or whatever.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, HERE is the WesAdmits 2019 group.

  • Prefrosh ’19

    I’m so excited to come to the school next year! Woohoo go cardinals!

    • Squirrel

      That’s not even the school mascot

    • Alum, 15

      Get ready for the biggest disillusionment of your life! Just one piece of advise, whatever expectations you have throw them out the window. Do well in school and don’t let the apathy of the student body get you! Do your thing and you’ll be fine.

      • Student ’16

        I’m sorry your experience didn’t meet your expectations, but Wesleyan is for many a wonderful place to learn and grow. It has been for me.

        Welcome, Prefrosh ’19, be excited.