Writing Through Trauma Info Session

10917229_10205619882837692_1953964414100889430_oFounder of the Wesleyan School of Poetics Amy Mattox ’17 writes in with a v intriguing ::Student Forum:: for you all in the spring. Check it out:

Writing Through Trauma is a resurrected student forum taught by Ella Weisser ’17 and Amy Mattox ’17! Come to the info session (1/24 at 3:00 PM) for all the juicy details, a well-formatted application, and a very helpful Q&A!!

This 1 credit class is primarily a creative writing workshop. Trauma often enacts a loss of agency, so in this forum we will attempt to reclaim voice, reimagine healing, and rework conceptions of written narrative. We will read & discuss accounts of trauma as we develop our own personal writing. We may draw on experiences that are collective, personal, inherited, witnessed, etc. We will read nonfiction, fiction, theory, poetry and genre-resistant writing. Students will be expected to write four pieces for class workshop alongside a series of smaller assignments and responses. This is not a nonfiction-only workshop–students may write in any genre!

Date: 1/24
Time: 3 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 112
Facebook: Here


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