Conscious Connections Interest Meeting

My favorite yogi Katie McLaughlin ’15 writes in:

This is an upcoming student forum led by Jaxie Friedman and Katie 
McLaughlin. Come check out our interest meeting at 7:00 pm in
Albritton 311 on Monday January 26th. We’ll have tea and go over the
syllabus and reading list. Depending on student interest, there might
be a short application that would be due Thursday the 29th. If you
can’t make it, shoot us an email and we’ll send you the info.

The class will meet twice a week, most likely Tuesday and Thursday
evenings. Here is a little bit about it:

The purpose of this class is to teach students how to develop
sustainable and personalized mindfulness practices. The class will
incorporate experiential work with meditation, yoga, tai chi and
mindful food consumption, as well as lectures and discussions on
historical, philosophical, and cultural work about different modes of
mindfulness practice. We will attempt to contextualize different
ancient and modern mindfulness forms into our everyday lives in order
to allow the students to develop tools to become more present mentally
and physically and to develop personalized mindfulness practices that
can be maintained far beyond the completion of the course. Ultimately,
the course aims for each student to learn how to develop conscious
connections with ourselves and the world around us.

Date: Monday, January 26
Time: 7-8 PM
Place: Albritton 311

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