Spotted: Another Deer Head


Welcome back to Wesleyan: The place of the severed deer heads. Thanks to two anonymous tipsters and Ariane Turley ’15, it was verified that there was yet another deer head in the Exley area yesterday night. Where do they keep coming from!? What does it mean?

This deer head was in the crosswalk outside Exley on Church St in the same place the deer head from two years ago was in. And it was possibly a taxidermic head as well (the most recent deer head was not taxidermic). Though it’s not uncommon for deer hunters to dispose of carcasses inappropriately (in Wesleyan parking lots), the recurring taxidermic deer head on a stop sign just seems like a weird prank.

Ariane Turley ’15 answered some questions about the deer head:

What did you see?

I was walking home from Olin around 10 PM and in the crosswalk [between Exley and Olin] I saw a girl standing in the middle of the street taking photos of the stop sign, and I was like, ‘what is this girl doing, why is she just standing in the middle of the crosswalk?’ And then I crossed the street and I realized that she was taking photos of a deer head on the stop sign. And that was that. 

Did it look like a real deer head, or taxidermic?

It looked sort of taxidermic. It was pretty clean cut, I think. I didn’t really stop to observe it.

So you didn’t take any pictures?

Nah I didn’t take any photos. I didn’t want to look weird like blocking traffic to take photos of a deer head.


The 2012 deer head. Kind of what this one looked like.

If anyone has any additional info or theories, please let us know. If you see another deer head, please take a picture and send it to us so that it doesn’t seem like we’re making this up.

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