The Palestine Question info session

JJ Mitchell ’15  is running a student forum! Here’s the info session:

Come to an info meeting about a student forum called “The Palestine Question: Locating Palestine in the Historical and Contemporary Imaginary.” The forum is designed to provide an introduction to the Palestine/Israel conflict. There are three aims for the semester. The first is to understand the history of the region, the history of the ‘conflict,’ and the many versions of those histories that are told. The second aim is to understand what Palestine means at the level of every day life—not simply the problems facing policy makers. The third aim is to figure out how, as Wesleyan students, we can become more informed and engaged. Students with any and all perspectives on, and prior knowledge about the ‘conflict’ are welcome to enroll. However, students should be advised that this is designed as an introductory course, the material for which was chosen in an attempt to put forth the often-silenced Palestinian narrative. The course will work from an anti-colonial and anti-racist framework of historical analysis.

Date: Sunday, January 25
Time: 4:30-5:00 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 114

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