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The newest Wesleyan-related Twitter joined the game on Friday, January 23: @summiesisreal. Who even knows who is behind this masterpiece, but it’s definitely at the top of the list of Twitter accounts I recommend you should follow this week. Even though this account was only conceived two days ago, it’s already shown itself to be pretty promising. Following @summiesisreal today will be the highlight of your Sunday evening. Just do it. Of the nearly 100 tweets from this account, I piled together a handful of the best tweets in case you need some extra convincing to give them a follow.

This is the first section of @summiesisreal tweets I want to present to you. I’ll call it the Fuck @Weswings section.

Care to respond, Ed Thorndike ’89? The ball’s in your court.

Informative Tweets about Summerfields:

The Fucking Ridiculous Section:

Bonus Section: Wesleying Writers and @Summiesisreal Twitter Throwdown

Happy following! Xo

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