Bon Appetit Workers Camped Out during Storm So We Could Have Food


We got this “event” in our inbox after midnight Tuesday while Juno was happening:

Three Bon Appetit workers, Ryan, Peter, and Mike, plus managers, all camp out in the Usdan Center overnight during Juggernaut Juno so as to cook all of us motherfuckers food tomorrow. Party! Be sure to lay them down your thanks!

Place: Daniel Family Commons

Turns out that not only did eight Bon Appetit employees and managers stay overnight, but 20 others either walked to work or ignored the driving ban to get to Wes so that Usdan could open in time on Tuesday morning after the storm. Add in Ed Thorndike ’89 and Karen Kaffen-Polascik of WesWings and their whole staff who also fed us, and the grounds crew that plowed/shoveled snow through the night and early morning (even shoveling some individual senior house walkways). That is serious dedication and we are really lucky to have such great people working at Wes.

(kitab edit:) Some PSafe officers also stayed at Wes Monday night, making rounds and closing university buildings, until 3:30 in the morning, at which point they slept here. We’ll try to get their names, but if anyone has any information, please let us know!

Here’s an update on the Bon Appetit sleepover from our original tipster:

I talked to a couple. One slept real well on his blow-up bed, said the wind was howling though. One of them got an half-hour of sleep! He was on the floor. He kept texting and posting to his daughter, watched the kids sled at 3am.


The full list of Bon Appetit employees who stayed overnight or trudged through the snow to get to Usdan early, courtesy of Resident District Manager of Bon Appétit, Michael Strumpf, after the jump:

Philip Abraham
Russell Dallaire
Michael Misente
Megan Marchand
Ryan Robbins
Peter Catrona
Vasso Bertos
Joao Esteves

You would be remiss not to add this next list of managers and employees who either walked to work or ignored Governor Molloy’s driving ban in order to get here before we opened at 10:00am:

Apryl Dudley
Brian Dagnall
Raquel Baptiste
Dennis Lazicki
Raul Valencia
Dave Cearse
Leonard Sanders
Allen Sykes
Dan Kiczuk
Leonard Sanders
Gary Kricksciun
Megan May
Suzanne Scarrozzo
Mat Scarrozzo
Jon Maldonado
Tom Bartolatto
Robert Fredericks
Robert Wortham
Ernie Arroyo
Michael Strumpf

Thanks to everyone who made it easier for Wesleyan to run the past couple of days!

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  1. candace

    So great. The workers of bon appetite are caring and committed. Still my favorite part of Hamilton college

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