Student Forum Meetings and New Courses

Looking for a new course to round out your schedule? Posting here at Wesleying has been slow due to Juno, but here is a list of the student forum meetings and new courses that we have been sent this past week. Some of the forums have meetings today, so be sure to go if you’re interested!

Kobi Bordoley ’16 writes in about RELI 483, Constructions and Reconstructions of Buddhism:

“Looking for a final course to fill out your schedule, and interested in learning more about Buddhism? This semester, the Religion department is excited to offer a new class on Buddhism, which can be added during drop/add. Professor Alex Kaloyanides, a dynamic and very exciting instructor, will be teaching RELI 483, Constructions and Re-Constructions of Buddhism. It will be a Tuesday night class—perfect for a mid-level seminar for people who want to delve more deeply into the Buddhist tradition.”
Professor Katja Kolcio asked us to advertise her new Dance course, DANC 420: Performance Matters: Creating Performance on Specific Topics: 

“This course introduces dance as a method of inquiry based in the physical, creative body and performance. This special offering is specifically designed for students interested in applying dance and performance toward a particular theme, question, topic, or area of research. No formal dance experience required. Students are expected to come with a specific area of interest in mind, and ready to ask “In what ways can dance and performance deepen my understanding of…? This course meets Fridays 9 AM – 12 PM at the Cross Street Dance Studio.

Zach Dravis ’15 is teaching a student forum, PSYC 420: Moral Psychology’s Past Present and Future:

Interested in learning about the evolutionary basis of emotions?
How western notions of morality differ from other world cultures?
How cognitive traps and neuroscientific structures make moral
arguments so heated?

Then consider taking Zach Dravis’s student forum, Moral
Psychology’s Past, Present, and Future! The forum is a half credit
in the Psychology department and is open to all students. Stop by the
informational meeting on Thursday at 4pm in Wyllys 115.

Matt Fine ’15 is teaching “Prison Conditions in America” and the information session is TODAY:

If you’re looking for a credit and want to learn about Social Justice,
the Prison Industrial Complex, and the experiences and struggles of
those who live behind bars, come to PAC 001 from 7-8 PM and get information on taking a student forum sponsored by Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education. Snacks will “hopefully” be provided if the Wesleyan student body didn’t completely raid Weshop because of Juno.


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