Gabriel Garzon Montano and Don Froot @ Alpha Delt

a2703049719_10From Nicole Stanton ’15:

Gabriel Garzón-Montano at Alpha Delt this FRIDAY. Gabe has been turning heads in the past year with a unique blend of D’Angelo-like soul grooves carved out with an electronic twist. Listen to his debut release here.

Opening for Gabe & Co. is Don Froot. It’s that infamous student band blending styles from that groovy-latin-record-your-mom-plays-in-the-station-wagon to the jazz you’ve heard in the cafe down the block. Don Froot is that sweet, sweet song that keeps Georgia on your mind. Listen here.
Also opening, Rui Barbosa. “We are a band that likes to honor 20th Century Brazillian politicians”. Rui Barbosa is a band from Wesleyan. “Some have called us ‘The Eagle of the Hague,’ but most don’t.”

At 7PM, in Alpha Delt, there will be a MASTERCLASS, where Gabe will talk about the ways his Colombian heritage has influenced his modern, experimental compositions.

C u there.
7PM Masterclass
9PM Rui Barbosa
10PM Don Froot

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Date: Fri, Jan 30
Time: 7 PM
Place: Alpha Delt

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