Haven’t Found A Perfect 4th Course?

From Professor Ronald Schatz:

Haven’t found that perfect 4th course? Looking to add a 5th? HIST266/AMST265/FGSS265 still has a few seats available.

This course will explore the history of work, working-class life, unions, other labor organizations, and the labor policies of government and employers in America from 1776 until the present. It is a lecture/discussion course designed to introduce students to the history of labor in the United States and to improve their ability to analyze historical sources.  

The topics of readings and discussions will include wage labor, chattel slavery, and domestic work; slaveholders, employers, foremen, supervisors, and corporate management; law and law enforcement; mediators and social reformers; religious creeds, political ideologies, and popular beliefs; and the impact of race, nationality, gender, region, migration, and economic and technological change on workers and their families. Although the course is focused on the United States, connections with, and comparisons to, other nations will be highlighted. The historiography of the field will also be considered.

In addition to articles and books by leading historians and a sociologist, the readings will include primary documents and two novels.   There is also a plan, although it is not yet firm, for a class trip to an industrial museum.

Class meets Monday and Wednesday from 2:40-4:00 and is taught by Professor Ronald Schatz.

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